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3. Portraits Of Cebu – exhibition project and article by Daniel

4. Belonio – accounts for Daniel’s self-funded ‘Belonio Project’ 




Curriculum Vitae

A message from Daniel: “Personally I’ve witnessed first-hand many groups, projects and people, all making our world a better place, each in their own way. I value my diverse and self-directed career path. I love thinking about the big picture, I enjoy literature, and I like being active.

This website gives you an introduction to my potential within your team. You can read testimonials about my work caricature here. You may also kindly request my résumé tailored to your own recruitment process. A more thorough chronology is available on LinkedIn. Thank you for visiting.



About Daniel…

Daniel’s formal education has seen him graduate from 5 universities, in Australia and Canada, and includes vocational training programs with 9 training centers in Australia and New Zealand. Daniel’s academic thesis has a growing readership. Daniel’s academic work has been guided by philosophy and cultural interpretation.

Professionally, Daniel’s most recent project was the research and develop of small business potential within a developing economy – The Belonio Project – Daniel spent several thousand dollars of his own savings, providing a small family with the business opportunity to distribute locally invented cooking stoves. The stoves use common waste, in an environmentally friendly way, demonstrating an integrated carbon cycle. 

Before his philanthropic work, Daniel was employed by over 20 organizations in 3 countries: New Zealand’s south island; Canada’s west coast; and in most of Australia’s states. Some recent work references are available here as testimony to Daniel’s working caricature. Throughout his career, Daniel has volunteered with 8 charitable organizations in Australia and The Philippines.

Daniel has direct professional experience in:

  • health research and advocacy
  • education tuition
  • human services involving children, youth, adults, and seniors
  • light-steel fabrication including arc welding
  • agriculture and animal husbandry
  • commercial food-management
  • passenger transportation
  • hygiene maintenance in corporate settings


Here are some examples of Daniel’s public writing…



Here is a quote Daniel likes…

 GO to the People;
Live among them;
Love them;
Learn from them;
Start from where they are;
Work with them;
Build on what they have.

But of the best leaders,
When the task is accomplished,
The work completed,
The people all remark:
‘We have done it ourselves’

*** Lao Tsu ***



Sunset at an undisclosed location somewhere on Australia’s Arnhem Land coast. Photograph by DJP, 2013.